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MacOS Installation

This is very experimental.

You need local installations of FFMPEG and FFPROBE on MacOs, which you can download from the appstore. Download Link:

After installing ffmpeg, you get ffprobe simply be: brew install ffprobe.

Please check with: which ffmpeg that your path is: /usr/local/bin and you are good to go.

Download the teachit_app.tar.xz file via the link and unpack it. Some symbol with the TeachIt Log will appear in finder. Most likely MacOS will refuse to execute the app because it is not trusted.

Open the Security Console: and click on the Lock. Now click on the TeachIt Icon again and you should see in the security console window a question whether you want to trust TeachIt. Click yes (we are trustworthy!). TeachIt should start. Close the lock in the security console. Close TeachIt and open it again. It should open with no questions asked.

Optionally move the TeachIt App to the Applications folder.

Open a bottle of beer.

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