About us

Our goal is to develop a teaching app that combines the advantages of the blackboard with those of Powerpoint.

In education and beyond, technology is always adapting and progressing. PowerPoint has made its way into almost every classroom, and some classes even exist without walls in an online format. To be a proponent of teaching with simple chalk and blackboard may seem old-fashioned to some, but to others, it’s what’s saving education. A small but growing number of professors are speaking out about the benefits that chalkboard teaching—and its slightly more advanced technological equivalent—has, not only for their teaching, but also for their students’ learning.

We had the idea to creat an intelligent whiteboard for teaching (Teachit) in 2020. Since then, our team has been devoting a lot of effort to make Teachit versatile and effective. We believe that Teachit will be the most efficient future teaching tool for universities, schools and diverse colleges as well as teaching organisations. We need your help to build a library of lectures for a wide-range of subjects. We strive to improve Teachit to serve a dynamic and fexible teaching community.