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Interacting with content

TeachIt is a digital whiteboard app that allows you to efficiently generate and manipulate content. TeachIt has several modes in which you interact with the app. In the order from left to right:

  • move / delete / rezise elements on teacher view (extra menu will appear when you click on the arrow)
  • pen mode (extra menu for pen size and colors will appear when you click the pen)
  • eraser mode (only for annotations, delete all other items in move/delete/resize mode. This is a feature, not a bug! It allows you to remove annotations without deleting the element you want to annotate)
  • laser pointer mode
  • add content mode (described under
Interaction mode while presenting, the section underlined in dark red changes depending on your selection

Move / Delete / Resize Elements Mode #

When selecting this mode you can chose on the right to: delete, upscale or downscale elements on the canvas. Note that the delete button in

Annotation Mode #

Selecting these tools you can erase quickly or generate a laser pointer.

Editing Mode #

This mode allows you to generate content. The elements on the right are dicussed in detail in the exiting conten section:

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