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Creating Text

To edit content you must click on the “wrench + screwdriver” symbol (blue box) first to enter editing mode. You have to do this every time you want to enter edit mode (e.g. if you were before in pen mode). The first time you have to log in unless your credentials were stored by “remember me”.

Then you click the text editor too button (red box) to open the text editor.

You can use the text editor, with the usual controls. When pulled to the teacher-window later, the text elements are written automatically. The button with the green box saves the content to the collection.

We recommend that you populate your collections with a few predefinded text types: title, subtitle, text, note.


  • You can paste text from some programs (e.g. Word, Text-Editors), but for reasons which we dont understand not from Powerpoint.
  • Editing the style of the predefined text elements is work in progress.
  • You need to be logged in order to add/edit content
  • You can copy and paste text between collections.

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