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Adding Math

To edit content you must click on the “wrench + screwdriver” symbol (blue box) first to enter editing mode. You have to do this every time you want to enter edit mode (e.g. if you were before in pen mode). The first time you have to log in unless your credentials were stored by “remember me”. Only then will the editing tools.

The you click on edit math (red box) to open the math dialog.

You can input/paste latex into the box at the bottom of the input field. Math is converted online using the TeachIt server into the visual elements that are later displayed. This can take some time, depending on your internet connection and server load. There is a popup window whicle conversion is in progress, but you can continue editing other items. When conversion fails, a popup window should inform you about the reason for the error.


  • There may be some lag as the math is converted online.
  • Presently non-english alphabets are not supported (e.g. chinese)
  • There is a relatively large white background above and below long formulas which we are working to remove.
  • The sizehints ( need to be manually adjusted for most long math items. We are working on that.

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